Why The Heck Would I Pay For Someone To Hang Holiday Lights For Me?

Pressure Washing In Myrtle Holiday Lights

That’s something I have seriously had to ask myself as we prep for the season to come. Because quite honestly if I wouldn’t invest in this service than neither should you.

But here’s the no BS honest benefits…

I straight up DON’T HAVE TIME to worry about Christmas Decorations or decorating in general so…
#1 SAVES TIME- which is even more valuable during the Holidays

#2 PROVIDES A SENSE OF PEACE WHEN PARTY PLANNING. I hate to say it but Hostessing a big party makes me panic.
Having my place professionally decorated would definitely put me at ease. One HUGE thing to check off the list!

#3 UM- I can use the EXACT same lights for ALL 4 HOLIDAYS coming up.
If I get white lights and throw in some Holiday favorites I can would have decorating finished for HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS!

That’s 4 Holiday Seasons right in a row that I could use the exact same lights for.

#4 – I would NOT have to untangle, plug in ,unplug, take 59 trips to Walmart, climb up in the attic, get on a ladder or a roof …
I could just point to where I want my light hung.

#5 – if they break, go out, storm hits, or need maintenance- I call a phone number for it to be fixed and it’s already paid for.

I have more but this post is already super long! Maybe I will do part #2!

Y’all No joke- this is not your average lights, investing in this service is a game changer for those who like to entertain and enjoy a festive ambiance.

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