Has Your Pavement Ever Looked Like It Needed A Good Cleaning?

Pressure Washing In Myrtle Pavement

Have you ever wanted to seal it?

Here are 3 reasons to seal your pavement for 2022…

  1. Prevent your driveway from drying up: Just like your skin dries and burns after prolonged exposure to sunlight, so does your asphalt driveway. It might not turn red or even show any obvious signs of trouble right away, but by the end of summer, you will notice unsightly cracks. Sealcoating helps lock the binding oils inside the asphalt, preventing them from evaporating.
  2. Extend Your Pavement’s Life: Seal coating adds a protective layer onto your lot and driveway, acting as a shell to protect it from seasonal elements. This is especially critical during the summer heat that brings intense sunlight and rain from storms. Because seal coating protects your pavement from outdoor elements, it will inevitably lengthen its life.
  3. Avoid High Repair Costs: Your pavement is directly exposed to the elements when it is not seal-coated. Over time, this exposure invites damage such as cracks and potholes that can be expensive to repair. Even worse, if the damage isn’t contained, you may end up needing a whole new driveway or parking lot sooner than you expected. Sealcoating can help avoid these hefty costs later on down the road.

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